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Huwell Chemicals has been active in distribution of raw materials for cosmetics, pharmaceutical,food and nutrition industries for more than 40 years.

The long lasting cooperation with a selected group of partners belonging to the international chemical field supported, Huwell Chemicals in the creation of a worldwide network. Thanks to this tide network, its offer consists in an extremely large range of products and in excellent quality standards. The challenging performances requested by today market will always find a tailor made solution in Huwell offer of products.

The Company know how provide a strong technical basis for the best use of raw materials. Moreover, the post sales assistance supports the development of a client relationship based on confidence and cooperation.

The flexibility of the organization combined to the in-house management of stock, makes Huwell Chemicals distribution competitive. This provide to the client a more convenient production and logistic planning activities.

Thanks to his unique technical know how, the department Huwell Hair Colors is worldwide known as one of major international producer of hair bleaching and dyeing powder.